The Best Google Webmaster Videos – Part 1


YouTube— home of the RickRoll, skateboarding cat, and any epic-fail-cute-and-cuddly-viral-video you can think of. These videos make us laugh until we cry, while others tug at our heartstrings. Some even make us cry metaphorically, for the time in which we

Whale School’s in Session

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At CrakRevenue, from time to time we like to remind you that our success depends on your success. That’s why we’re always more than happy to share our knowledge of the adult industry to help you become even more successful.

Honor Moms with the Right Tour

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Moms are the best: they take care of us when we’re sick, they pick us up when we fall down, and they kiss our boo boos when we get hurt to make the pain go away. Yesterday was Mother’s Day…

Grab the Perfect Adult Domain – Part 2


When it comes to adult domains, we all want the best of the best: short & memorable names that we can brand.We daydream of names like the legendary, which sold for a staggering $13 million back in 2010. But

No Auto-play? No worries

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When it comes to our link codes, we’re betting there’s something you didn’t know about them. Did you know our link codes allow for 5 different URL parameters? (These are values you can set at the end of your link

Grab the Perfect Adult Domain – Part 1


More often than not when it comes to the adult industry and the domain name of your choice… the one you have your heart set on (and the one that would be absolutely perfect for your needs) is already taken.

Profitability Insurance

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Sometimes in life, it’s good to have insurances. We’re not just talking car or health care insurance here, but more so a general concept of protecting oneself from any crisis that can or will occur in life. Safeguards, per se.

Heatmaps: Read the Heat


Web design is an artform when you really think about it; its aim is to incite visitor behavior through strategic, well thought out, well-calculated design practices. When that webmaster adds a big red flashing button in the header, that webmaster

Beam me up, Scotty

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Space, the final frontier. Since our earliest childhood, stories of the Enterprise crew have fueled our imagination. We’ve always been fascinated by the fearless attitude of Captain Kirk while he explored new worlds and new civilizations. Now that we’re all

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