Geo-target Without Flying Over the Cuckoo’s Nest


In a perfect world, everyone would be from the same place, with the same interests— at least in a web-marketer’s fantasy world, it would sure make our job way easier! But hey, we live in the real world and –

Permanent Access to One-Time Holiday Treat!

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Hi! Did you know that as a CrakRevenue affiliate, you still have access to one of our most lucrative offers? We’re talking about Punish Tube. This is worth mentioning because, for the longest time, Punish Tube was a locked Premium

GFY has Spoiled us With Awards


What an exciting year 2015 is shaping up to be!  On the heels of 2015’s GFY Award ceremony that took place at InterNEXT, our team is still reeling after the results. We can’t believe how much love the GFY community

Guess Who’s the Blue Book Outsider?


CrakRevenue has made a noteworthy appearance into Blue Book Guide’s 2015 edition with your help. Hundreds of you guys shared your satisfaction with us via a type-in response to Blue Book Guide’s survey question on the best CPA networks. Thank you

Webmaster e-Real Estate


When you own a property, you base its merit (and value) on the features it has that appeal to you. Maybe your ideal property must have adequate garage space for your new Ferrari or a private bowling alley in your

Geomatik Mobile… Say Hello to Direct-Links!

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You asked… and we listened! Many of you have expressed desire for more flexibility with regard to our Geomatik tool in this year’s 2015 Christmas Wish List. The most common request we received was for a Geomatik geo-targeting “direct link,”

How to Make Money Online with Adult Traffic


It seems like wherever you go on the web, one thing is for sure: you’re destined to stumble across an ad telling you how easy it is to make money online. We know that you have the good common sense

Behold! We’ve Achieved the Perfect Funnel

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Some of us like things messy, but it’s probably safe to say most of us like things a little bit neater. We all have those OCD-moments at times. That could explain why it bothers some of us when we’re at

We’re going to Sin City. You Comin’?


2015 has just begun and we’re already packing our bags. We’re heading to Las Vegas to attend the highly anticipated Internext and Affiliate Summit West from January 17th to the 20th. With plenty of great surprises planned, we’re ready to

Cheers to 2015!


Every year, we grow a little bit more thanks to your amazing trust and support and we are forever grateful for that. 2014 was an amazing year for us; it was better than any of us could have ever hoped.