Bloomin’ Offers

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With the first week of spring comes the promise of nicer weather and longer days— which, of course, means more time for you to think about how you can maximize those revenues! The good news is, we have some new

Parallax Without Parallel – WP Themes


If you’re no stranger to surfing the web, you’ve probably seen it by now. You visit a site, scroll down a bit, and all of a sudden the background of the website you’re on begins moving at a slower rate

Everybody Loves Green + Green

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Is it just us, or does everyone look really, really good in green? There’s nothing quite like St Patrick’s Day. St. Patty’s Day is the day for green… green clothing, green beer (gross), and of course, an excessive number of

Fully Targeted Social Media Campaigns – Twitter


Last week, we discussed targeted social media campaigns on Facebook and what you needed to do to become a master at keeping your audience interested and engaged. Today, we shift our focus to another social media giant: Twitter. How does

Meet Us at the Phoenix Forum 2015

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Got anything on your agenda March 26th – March 29th? Because we’ll be heading down to Phoenix, Arizona for this year’s Phoenix Forum. If you’re available, this is a great opportunity to discuss business and meet our Sales Director, Vincent

Fully Targeted Social Media Campaigns – Facebook


It’s almost challenging to envision a “social media free” world at this point in time, isn’t it?  Social media has taken over every aspect of our lives, and as a result, it has become prime space for countless web marketing

Send Your Users to Niche-Specific Tours

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Slut Roulette is one of our top performing cam products at CrakRevenue. Our Roulette-style landing has seen fantastic conversions over the years on all international cam traffic. But, did you know that we have an array of selection options as

Be Responsive! Part 4 -Top WordPress Themes for Adult Blogs


In a world where everyone wants a website but not everyone excels at design, the people who want a high-functioning responsive website deserve an “A” for effort right off the bat. Indeed, they deserve credit for knowing that Responsive design

Some Things Are Worth Fighting For

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While you’ve enjoyed a large selection of exclusive, thoroughly tested and top-converting offers for multiple markets throughout the years at CrakRevenue, we’ve had our hands full behind the scenes for a while now. Indeed, we’ve been working tirelessly to ensure

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