Launching: SlutRoulette Non Nude Tour


Hi! So, we’ve been thinking.  How could we take our already-top-converting SlutRoulette offer, and make it even better? We created another non-nude desktop version of our most popular tour: the Recorded Feed – Non nude tour. Who says less is more?!

Be on the right track Part 2 – Analyzing your trackers


Trackers are the roots of relevant data generation. In other words, they are the keystone of optimization triumph. Last week, we touched on how premium affiliates already know the importance of using trackers, and to them, using ‘em is second

Launching: Adult Cams Exposed


Hi! Not to brag about our unmatched talent, but we’ve created another exceptional sales page for those of you with a thirst for Adult Cams. Oh yeah! We’re proud to introduce Adult Cams Exposed. Adult Cams Exposed is a landing

Be on the right track Part 1 – Tracking basics


Having a good overview of your sales is one thing, but optimizing your traffic to its fullest potential using trackers is a whole different story. Indeed, most CPA networks, like CrakRevenue, are already leaps and bounds ahead of other networks

Launching: Adult Cam Friend PPS


Hi! The great green Whale is about to kick off the month right with four new Whale-worthy products coming your way! To kick things off, we’ve spent months testing and honing a brand new cam platform for you to promote.

Meet Us at Home at Qwebec Expo!


We’re proud and humbled today to make a rather solemn announcement. You ready for it?! For those of you who didn’t know, the Whale is Canadian… and proud! Indeed, our headquarters are located in downtown Québec City. That’s why attending

Findings That Separate Successful Marketers from Ordinary Ones – Part 2


To create a platform for success, true marketers must recognize that the marketing atmosphere is always changing and evolving.  A successful marketing strategy entails killing old and unproductive habits, as well as getting with the times.  Here are our five

Join Us in the Big Apple for Affiliate Summit East!


“Make your mark in New York and you are a made man.” ㅡ Mark Twain That’s exactly what we are planning to do in 10 days in New York.  We’re more than happy to begin this tradeshow season with the premiere

Findings That Separate Successful Marketers from Ordinary Ones – Part 1


Anyone and everyone can be a marketer these days, but to be a true, successful marketer?  That takes an undeniable certain skill set.  Over the years, we’ve picked up a thing or two along the way.   It is with great