Holiday Notice – Papa Whale


After more than 200 blog posts written, Papa Whale needs a breather. CrakRevenue’s resident Whale is about to kick up his feet and enjoy the sun for a couple weeks. He’s off to a tropical island to sip pina coladas

Check out BrokenTeens: Our Latest Masterpiece

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6 Google Analytics Mistakes to Avoid


Google Analytics… what would we do without it?! The free web analytics service offered by Google has been the Webmaster analysis tool of choice for many years now. But as many of us know, this treasure trove of information provided

Customize the Latest PunishTube Funnels!


How would you like your sales funnels to be everything you ever wanted them to be? Thanks to Punish Tube’s new levels of funnel customization, you can have just that… excellent sales funnels when it comes to our brand new

Be Daring! Promote Pops


The whole popunder phenomenon began in the 90s, and grew to have pretty bad connotations after sites of yesterday abused these one-time effective methods of promotion. We remember these days well, and we’re sure you remember them too. Clicking the

Extra! Extra! The Survey Times


E-Real Estate Part 2 – Selling Websites


When someone or some entity is prepared to pay you a lump sum for one of your websites, selling your site can be a life changer. Ah yes, that glorious feeling of impending financial freedom… for however long.  No matter

The First & Only Desktop Dating App


E-Real Estate Part 1 – The Value of Your Web Property


Everyone seems to have one these days, but just how much is that website of yours really worth? As the old saying goes — “it’s only worth what someone is willing to pay for it” — while this remains true

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