Back Offers are now Activated


Hi! Your user, in the manner of Elvis, may have left the building (or your offer), but he’s gonna find another one as soon as he hits the back door. Back offers are complementary offers displayed when users click to

From Newbie to Media Buying Authority Part 1 – Top 10 Buyer’s Classic Mistakes


So we’ve already talked a bit about media buying, covering the basics of this enchanting profession in earlier posts.  But, we know you’re more ambitious than that.  We know the basics just ain’t gonna cut it. That’s why we’ve decided

FCE – Stylish Tour Available for Chillbanking


Hi Chillbankers! We’re happy to announce a new and improved tour for one of our hottest cam landings ㅡ FreeCamsExposed.  We all know the classic… the one that started it all… Millions have heard his voice, millions know his name,

Summer Slowdown – 3 media buying tips to surf through the wave


Summertime is here, and you know what that means. The ladies are out and about; the girls are tan, and the shorts are short. Could this be one of the reasons for a summer slowdown? With summer heating up, this

Summer Promotion – Chillbanking

CR_BLOG_featured image blog 605px PromoSummerMFC

10 Best Plugins for WP Adult Blogs – Part 2


So we’ve hit the ground running with last week’s post about the 5 Best WordPress Plugins every adult WP webmaster should have. These plugins will help you harness your blog’s full potential, from advertising, to getting around pesky ad-blockers, to

SlutRoulette – New Tours available!


Hi! We’ve already talked about the importance of the landing page and its sales funnel effect.  Hopefully you’ve had the opportunity to witness this effect firsthand through your campaigns. And you know what? With all of this in mind, we built

10 Best Plugins for WP Adult Blogs – Part 1


If you recall, WordPress is the driving force in the blogosphere world.  It allows anyone and everyone to start their own blog (adult or otherwise), thus eliminating the requirement that one must be “well versed” with code. We’ve already shared

Stats refresh – Up to 6 times faster!


Hi! We have some exciting news to report this week. For most of our offers, stats used to get updated every 15 – 30 minutes (uniques and leads/sales).  Not anymore! It’s the dawn of a new day.  Stats will now

Make Your Website Look Like A Million Bucks! Part 2 – Readability and Web conventions


Last week, we made an incursion into the obscure territories of the human psyche, by breaking down the natural mental laws (how our brains work) in terms of processing the functionality and design of a website.  We did all this