Happy Thanksgiving from CrakRevenue!


Happy Turkey Day! There’s certainly a lot to be thankful for on a day like today.  We are grateful beyond words for how far we’ve come in this industry, and it all starts with you, our beloved affiliates. Today, we’re

Top WordPress Themes… Reloaded – Part 2


The quest for the perfect WP theme for your adult blog used to be as long and physically taxing as attending a dinner party hosted by your great-great-aunt in some soul-sucking, depressing neighborhood, with full knowledge your friends are partying

Crak Revenue FOREVER…Literally!

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Hello! Much like a good investment strategy isn’t complete without diversification, a profitable affiliate marketing career isn’t complete without RevShare. RevShare is the diversification to your online earning. Sure, anyone can promote a PPL or PPS offer.  But sadly, RevShare

IDATE Awards: We’re Finalists, But We Still Need YOUR Help!


Hello! We’re starting to think we really do have the best affiliates ever! A few weeks back, we asked for your votes, and they came flooding in. Because of your help, it’s official: we’ve been nominated for the 2015 iDate

Top WordPress Themes… Reloaded – Part 1


We live in the era of WordPress. In an era flush with personal websites and blogs, we also live in an era of choice.  Sometimes, even as webmasters, we have too many options.  And that’s no exception when it comes

BackOffers: Improved Formula

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Hello there, What’s new?! We can tell you what’s new with us… we’ve been busy perfecting the formula that is… BACK OFFERS! In the past, Back Offers would only appear on pages optimized for mobile.  But, that’s all about to

CrakRevenue’s Interview with Online Media Broker


If you have some extra time, we highly recommend having a listen to this excellent interview with CrakRevenue’s very own, Jason. Jason is our Vice President of Marketing and a few weeks ago, he spoke at length with Jeffrey Williams

Profitable Mailing Part 5 – From Blacklist to Whitelist


Even the best mailers out there have, at one point or another, found themselves on a Blacklist. Winding up on a Blacklist is not to say you’re a spammer right off the bat, or even a poor mailer. While it

GFY Awards – Help Nominate CrakRevenue!


Hell Yeah! The GFY award season has just begun and we are very excited about it! After winning 3 awards last year, we’re looking to take home more than double that number this year, with 7 awards!!! Yep, 7 is