CrakRevenue – Proud to be in the top 3


Performance Marketing Insider has named the Top 20 CPA affiliate networks of 2014, after asking voters to vote for their favorites. To our great surprise, CrakRevenue was ranked number three! Yeah, you heard right! We’re on a roll right now,

No tricks this Halloween


Halloween Treat Coming Your Way


Hello! Halloween is just four short days away.  And you know what that means… You are four days closer to tooth decay, sugar highs, and eating yourself into oblivion thanks to all that irresistible Halloween candy. But hey, that’s kind

Blue Book 2015 – Name CrakRevenue as Best CPA Network!


Once again, mThink is seeking input from affiliates who have worked with CPA networks this year, to gather data for its Blue Book 2015 reporting on the Best CPA Networks. Last month, we won the Best Overall Revenue Program award

Profitable Mailing Part 3 – Template Designing


Now that your email is written in a way that should convince any of your subscribers to follow through on a particular action, it’s time to wrap it up in a beautiful bow … and by that we mean, professional

Be Responsive


Hello there, Smart mobile devices are about to take over the world! And you wanna know the best part? Mobile users watch a lot… and we do mean A LOT of video. Which is pretty good for your business isn’t

Help Nominate CrakRevenue at the iDate Awards!


Hello! We have a favor to ask of you! At CrakRevenue, we’ve enjoyed working with you.  We want to help you earn more money with us than any other monetization solution. But first, we’re hoping you can do something for

Profitable Mailing Part 2 – Writing Efficient Emails


There’s usually an infinite number of ways to write something, but when it comes to email marketing, sadly, the luxury of infinite freedom does not apply. Word choice matters more than ever in email marketing. There are just some words

Whale Wisdom


Hi, This week, we wanted to take a moment and share some of our most popular archived blog posts.  These particular blog posts have been a tremendous help to a lot of people; they’ve served as a valuable resource to

Profitable Mailing Part 1 – Building a Legit Mailing List


Building your own personal mailing list and contacting your subscribers is one of the most effective marketing strategies one can follow. Not only is it legit, but it’s insanely profitable. Indeed, solicited mailing is by far the best form of