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Complete Optimization Using Sub IDs


In CR 2.0, we offer more ways for you to keep track of your data & campaigns. One of these ways are through affiliate Sub IDs. Here are reasons to use them!

The Triple E method: Extra Earnings Enabled


CrakRevenue’s Triple E method stands for Extra Earning. Learn how you can increase your campaign’s ROI of as much as 30% by just changing your affiliate link!

Mobile Carrier Billing Optimization


Mobile Carrier Billing has come a long way — and it’s only growing more rampant with the rise of the Mobile user. See why this hot payment alternative has our attention!

The Ultimate Black Friday Marketing Guide


‘ Black Friday ‘ : /noun/ a 12 day $$$-making extravaganza (Nov. 18 – Nov. 30) from CrakRevenue; a spectacular array of OFFERS, PAY BUMPS, & SPECIAL LANDERS!

EPC Calculation: Is It the Only Thing You Need to Assess Success?


What’s the absolute best way to analyze the performance of a marketing campaign? A lot of people will tell you that EPC is what matters most—Earnings Per Click. There’s a couple of good reasons for that. It’s simple and very

Whale Hunting 2.0


These days, it’s hard to open a can of tuna without feeling guilty. The thing is, there’s an easy way to help our friends under the sea and it doesn’t involve jumping on a plane and supporting a risky protest.

Draw in Conversions with the PERFECT Call-to-Action


When it comes to Calls-to-action (CTAs), here’s a question for you: How can so few words… be so powerful? Turning traffic into sales is an endless challenge that is made possible—or at least begins—with a great Call-to-action. Which, begs another

7 Secrets to Building a Sustainable Business with CrakRevenue


Making money is the core of any affiliate business—and any business that hopes to avoid bankruptcy. But, making money at any cost may actually have more detrimental effects and pitfalls that can just as easily end your business faster than

Lead Scrubbing — What It Really Means & Our Take On It!


Lead Scrubbing … it almost sounds inherently evil, doesn’t it? It may sound bad — but don’t be fooled by its sound; it’s a term easily confused for another. Scrubbing actually serves a pretty important purpose, and it may not

Trackers: The Silent Heroes of Every Campaign


Having a good overview of your sales is one thing, but optimizing your traffic to its fullest potential using trackers is a whole different story. Most CPA networks are already breaking down your general stats according to GEO, Program, Tour,

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