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Mobile Carrier Billing Optimization


Mobile Carrier Billing has come a long way — and it’s only growing more rampant with the rise of the Mobile user. See why this hot payment alternative has our attention!

Different Shades of Grey


When it comes to web marketing, there’s various “White hat” & “Black hat” methods, and then different shades of grey somewhere in between. Let’s take a look.

Web Marketing 2017 Challenges


At the dawn of the new year, let’s take a look at the rapidly changing affiliate marketing landscape of 2017. Here are some of the expected challenges we’ll face together.

How to Drive Traffic with the Major Social Juggernauts


Here’s a simple, systematic approach to driving traffic to one’s webpage using any of the main social media juggernauts!

Sending Adult Traffic to Mainstream Offers Isn’t Crazy


Don’t be so quick to assume your traditionally ‘adult traffic’ won’t perform promoting more ‘mainstream’ offers. We talk about this here!

Flash is dead, long live HTML5!


Google recently announced that Chrome would start blocking Flash elements completely in December 2016. Are you HTML5 ready?

The Ultimate Black Friday Marketing Guide


‘ Black Friday ‘ : /noun/ a 12 day $$$-making extravaganza (Nov. 18 – Nov. 30) from CrakRevenue; a spectacular array of OFFERS, PAY BUMPS, & SPECIAL LANDERS!

VR – The new & promising trend in the Adult Industry


Virtual Reality and the Internet … are a match made in heaven. When you combine Virtual Reality with popular adult entertainment — such as Live Cams & Chat — these beloved adult mediums begin providing a whole new experience and

Lead Scrubbing — What It Really Means & Our Take On It!


Lead Scrubbing … it almost sounds inherently evil, doesn’t it? It may sound bad — but don’t be fooled by its sound; it’s a term easily confused for another. Scrubbing actually serves a pretty important purpose, and it may not

Visa’s New Chargeback Policies: The Butterfly Effect in the Affiliate Industry


As of July 1, 2016, Visa’s new Chargeback Monitoring Program’s regulations have been a cause for concern for both merchants and affiliate marketers alike. The purchase of Visa Europe by Visa Inc. in 2015 was followed by a series of

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