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Bang For Your Buck: Investing $1,000 Wisely


$1,000… What’s $1,000 to you? To some it’s a huge number, to others, this amount isn’t all that impressive; as they say, it’s all relative. However, in the affiliate marketing world in which we live, a $1,000 investment can make

Papa Whale’s Comprehensive Guide on the Art of Media Buying


Since so many of us tend to receive a little somethin’ extra in the cash department around the holidays (thanks Grandma!), we thought it’d be a great time to revisit the topic of Media Buying… because well, you know…  

Be Responsive! Part 3 – Media Care


Once you understand the huge opportunity that mobile traffic presents, the need for a responsive layout is easy to fathom. But there are still several rules you need to abide by if you want to ensure that your media is

Be Responsive! Part 2 – Layout Focus


As many of us know all too well, smartphones and tablets have changed the web design game forever. Quite simply, these devices have redefined how developers approach things from a design standpoint. Remember the good ol’ days when all a

Geo-target Without Flying Over the Cuckoo’s Nest


In a perfect world, everyone would be from the same place, with the same interests— at least in a web-marketer’s fantasy world, it would sure make our job way easier! But hey, we live in the real world and –

Be on the right track Part 3 – Efficient trackers


It doesn’t matter what site you run, how awesome your creatives may be, or how unique your campaigns are.  The truth of the matter is, you won’t get anywhere without a cold, data-driven optimization strategy. And that all starts by

Be on the right track Part 2 – Analyzing your trackers


Trackers are the roots of relevant data generation. In other words, they are the keystone of optimization triumph. In our first post, Be on the Right Track – Part 1 – Tracking Basics, we touched on how premium affiliates already

Be on the right track Part 1 – Tracking basics


Having a good overview of your sales is one thing, but optimizing your traffic to its fullest potential using trackers is a whole different story. Indeed, most CPA networks, like CrakRevenue, are already leaps and bounds ahead of other networks

From Newbie to Media Buying Authority Part 2 -10 Things to Ask Before Buying Flat


Now that you’ve avoided all the classic missteps, it’s time to play with the big boys. Bidding is part of a professional media buyer’s daily business.  Unfortunately, it’s not always as easy as it seems.  There’s a whole lot of

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