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How to Drive Traffic with the Major Social Juggernauts


Here’s a simple, systematic approach to driving traffic to one’s webpage using any of the main social media juggernauts!

Guest Post – Complete Guide for Adult Hashtags


Today, social media is paramount in the web marketing space. Indeed, it is now almost impossible to plan a complete campaign without these channels. With that said, there is a simple and efficient way to optimize your social media campaigns

How to Mask Your Adult Affiliate Link

CR_BLOG_605x300_How to Hide My Adult Affiliate Link

There’s a lot of money to be made in the adult affiliate marketing world, this you know. But when it comes to the actual act of PROMOTING adult offers and RECEIVING traffic to your campaigns — the path isn’t always

Fully Targeted Social Media Campaigns – Twitter


Last week, we discussed targeted social media campaigns on Facebook and what you needed to do to become a master at keeping your audience interested and engaged. Today, we shift our focus to another social media giant: Twitter. How does

Fully Targeted Social Media Campaigns – Facebook


It’s almost challenging to envision a “social media free” world at this point in time, isn’t it?  Social media has taken over every aspect of our lives, and as a result, it has become prime space for countless web marketing

Geo-target Without Flying Over the Cuckoo’s Nest


In a perfect world, everyone would be from the same place, with the same interests— at least in a web-marketer’s fantasy world, it would sure make our job way easier! But hey, we live in the real world and –

Advertise Anything on Social Media Part 3 – Reddit and Twitter


Finding a social media platform that is both practical AND useful to affiliates and Webmasters of every kind has always been a daunting task, to say the least. Believe us when we say we know them feels. For an industry

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