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The Triple E method: Extra Earnings Enabled


CrakRevenue’s Triple E method stands for Extra Earning. Learn how you can increase your campaign’s ROI of as much as 30% by just changing your affiliate link!

MyFreeCams Direct to Model Linking & New Tour!


Direct-to-Model linking on MyFreeCams is targeted campaigns at their best. Learn how you can send your traffic to your favorite MFC model or the top model of the month!

Flash is dead, long live HTML5!


Google recently announced that Chrome would start blocking Flash elements completely in December 2016. Are you HTML5 ready?

Whale Hunting 2.0


These days, it’s hard to open a can of tuna without feeling guilty. The thing is, there’s an easy way to help our friends under the sea and it doesn’t involve jumping on a plane and supporting a risky protest.

A Free, Multiple URL Redirection Script!


Using your own domain name and redirecting to your CrakRevenue affiliate link(s) just got easier — because we’re sharing a quick & easy, highly-practical, multiple URL redirection script! It’s a script that also serves as a simple and efficient way

How to Choose a Great WordPress Theme That Delivers


WordPress — it’s the leading free content management system beloved by so many. It allows us to create beautiful websites and blogs of all varieties and niches without breaking the bank. But when it comes to theme selection… there’s just

A Custom, Easy-to-Use Popunder Script Perfect for SPLIT TESTING


Be it banners or campaigns — one thing we’ve talked a lot about at CrakRevenue has been the importance of split testing. Split testing (also known as A/B testing) has been defined as a method of conducting “controlled, randomized experiments”

How to Make a Dedicated Landing & Avoid the Crash – Part 2

CR_BLOG_605x300_Make-aDedicatedLanding&Avoid-TheCrash-Part-2 (2)

In our last post, How to Make a Dedicated Landing Page – Part 1, we talked about the main components every landing page should have.   However, much like having all the ingredients to something and not having a recipe

How to Make a Dedicated Landing & Avoid the Crash – Part 1

CR_BLOG_605x300_Make-aDedicatedLanding&Avoid-TheCrash-Part-1 (2)

Just like an aircraft needs a suitable landing strip to land, a successful web marketing campaign isn’t complete without a landing page of its own. You want your visitor to land carefully, naturally, and methodically on a landing page that

Popunders: a Force to Be Reckoned With


Popunders are a force to be reckoned with and they should not be underestimated. They are one of the most effective ways to promote a wide variety of offers, and its appeal does not stop there.   There are a

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